Colorado HB20-1090 Bill to Require Audible Prescription Readers

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Representative Mary Young and Representative Jeni Arndt of the Colorado General Assembly are sponsoring a new bill to assist the blind and visually impaired in safely managing their medications.  

HB20-1090 requires a retail community pharmacy  to make a prescription reader available to each individual who is blind or visually impaired to whom the pharmacy dispenses a prescription medication.  

Pharmacies would have to provide this service free of charge to patients, in accordance with existing ADA law.  The prescription reader would have to be able to convey all the same information as the printed label required by Colorado statute. 

The bill has been introduced and is currently under consideration. It has been assigned to the Public Health Care & Human Services Committee.  Text and more information about the bill can be found at:

Contact and Meeting information for the members of the Public Health and Human Services Committee can be found here:

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