NFB 2021 Break Out Session: Accessible Prescription Labeling Legislation Timeline and Current Events

A brief overview of the history of accessible prescription labeling standards development and legislation followed by overview of current bills in various states. This presentation was given during the National Federation of the Blind's annual 2021 Convention.

Health & Well Being Webinar

A conversation about vision loss resources, managing diabetes with vision loss, and maintaining your mental health well being.

Seminario de Bienestar y Salud: 4 Maneras de Vivir la Vida al Máximo con Pérdida de Visión

Ya sea que usted está perdiendo su visión o solo está buscando como hacer cambios a su vida, obtener ideas nuevas o recursos que le puedan ayudar. Estamos trayendo seis panelistas que son personas apasionadas a su trabajo y discutirán sobre trucos y herramientas para manejar su vida con pérdida de visión.

Translation: "Health and Wellness Seminar: 4 Ways to Live Life to the Fullest with Vision Loss" Whether you are losing your vision or just looking to make changes in your life, get new ideas or resources that can help you. We are bringing six passionate panelists together to discuss tips and tools to manage your life with vision loss.

The Safety Benefits of Dual Language Prescription Labels

As the U.S. population of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) residents grows, several state legislatures have enacted laws requiring pharmacies to provide prescription labels in the language of the patient’s choice to ensure medication safety and adherence.

The author of a recent blog published by Pharmacy Times, highlights some of the benefits these multi-lingual labels can provide patients. For example, these labels can help drive down patient medication-related errors and drive up medication adherence as patients better understand label instructions.

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