4 Maneras de Vivir la Vida al Máximo con Pérdida de Visión


A man with white hair, mustache and goatee wearing a jacket, sunglasses and earphones attached to a smartphon sits on a park bench in a tree lined park and leans forward to pet his guide dog.  A white cane leans on the bench to his left.Seminario de Bienestar y Salud:

4 Maneras de Vivir la Vida al Máximo con Pérdida de Visión.

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Regístrese para atender el Seminario de Bienestar y salud que será por Zoom (video o llamada), el 19 de Noviembre del 2020, de 2:00 p.m. hasta 3:30 p.m. hora Central.  Ya sea que usted está perdiendo su visión o solo está buscando como hacer cambios a su vida, obtener ideas nuevas o recursos que le puedan ayudar.

Estamos trayendo seis panelistas que son personas apasionadas a su trabajo y discutirán sobre trucos y herramientas para manejar su vida con pérdida de visión. 

Los panelistas discutirán:
  • Sobre los recursos disponibles para la pérdida de visión
  • El manejo de diabetes
  • Sobre el lenguaje dual y etiquetas medicas parlantes
  • Ideas para la recreación

Registrarse le permitirá unirse al seminario web a la fecha y hora indicada y/o tener acceso a ella una vez termine.   Después que usted se registre, usted recibirá una notificación por correo electrónico con instrucciones de como unirse al seminario por computadora o teléfono.  

Registrarse Aqui:  https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/8716039079479/WN_ee4KSwRTQ621oxe5GGmNXA

Para más información o asistencia para registrarse contacte a Cynthia Velazquez al llamar a En-Vision America 800-890-1180 Extensión 118.


Health and Well Being Webinar in Spanish: 4 Ways to Thrive with Vision Loss

Register to attend Health and Well Being Webinar: 4 Ways to Thrive with Vision Loss held on Zoom (video or phone), November 19th, 2020 from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Central (12pm Pacific). Whether you are new to vision loss or just looking to make some life changes new ideas and resources can help! We are bringing together six panelists who are passionate about their work to discuss tricks and tools to manage life with vision loss.

 Panelists will discuss:

  • Resources for Vision Loss
  • Managing Diabetes
  • Dual Language Prescription Labels
  • Fun craft ideas for gifts and staying busy
  • Free Braille and Talking Book Library Services

 Registration will allow you to join the webinar at the meeting time and/or have access to the recording afterward.  After you register you will receive notification email of how to join the Seminar by computer or phone. 

Zoom Registration Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/9616050268907/WN_ee4KSwRTQ621oxe5GGmNXA



#UniteforSafeCare Campaign Led by the Patient Safety Movement

Unite For Safe Care 

A plethora of resources for patients searching for ways to make their hospital stays safer can be found at PatientSafetyMovement.org which is sponsoring a campaign called #UniteForSafeCare.  Their resource page includes campaign info graphics, book recommendations and downloadable patient safety guides from the Batz Foundation for before, during and after your hospital visit.

WHO Global Campaign: Medication Without Harm

Check out the World Health Organizations Global Campaign: Medication Without Harm which is designed to increase public awareness of the safety issues related to medication use and the need for safer medication practices. This campaign encourages everyone from doctors, pharmacists, caregivers and patients to take extra steps to know more about their medications, what they are for and how to safely use them. Get resources and find out more at:  https://www.who.int/patientsafety/medication-safety/campaign/en/