Ohio Accessible Pharmacy Directory Rule Filing


The Ohio Board of Pharmacy voted November 6, 2023 to file new rules regarding the reporting of accessible pharmacy services.  Many public comments were posted prior to the decision and can be viewed here

The new rule would require pharmacies applying or renewing their license to report what services they provide to those who are hearing impaired, vision impaired or in need of translation services.  The information will be put into an online directory that patients can access.

4729:5-2-05 - Notification of Accessible Services.

(A) Every outpatient pharmacy providing pharmacy services in this state shall report to the state
board of pharmacy, in a manner determined by the board, the following information on accessible
services provided by the pharmacy within ninety days of the effective date of this rule:

    (1) The type of language translation services, including translated prescription labels, for patients
who are of limited English proficiency;

    (2) The type of services available for patients who are hard of hearing; and

    (3) The type of services available for patients with low vision.

(B) As part of the licensure and renewal process established in rule 4729:5-2-02 of the
Administrative Code, an outpatient pharmacy providing pharmacy services in this state shall submit
information on the accessible services listed in paragraph (A) of this rule that are provided by the

(C) An outpatient pharmacy required to submit notification to the board in accordance with this
rule shall notify the board within thirty days of any change in the accessible services provided by
the pharmacy.

(D) Except as provided in paragraph (E) of this rule, a pharmacy that reports it offers
accessible services shall be required to provide those services to patients upon request.

(E) Paragraph (D) does not apply if the pharmacy experiences a temporary software or
equipment failure of the accessible service offered.

October is Medication Label Safety Awareness Month


October is Medication Label Safety Awareness Month

Medication Label Safety Awareness month is a great time to spread the word about the dangers of not being able to read medication labels.  In order to cram all that information into a tiny space the font ends up being so small.  There are many reasons why someone might not be able to read that fine print.  It could be due to a vision impairment, stroke, vestibular issue, brain injury or not knowing how to read English.  Not being able to read prescription labels can lead to serious medication errors, adverse events or to people just not taking their medication. 

Accessible prescription label formats can help patients to have access to this critical information in large print, Braille, Audible and translated formats.  Find out what you can do to help spread the word about accessible prescription label formatsRemember to Use #MSLA23 in your social media posts!  Visit https://mailchi.mp/envisionamerica/mlsa2023 for more information and resources to get involved in the #MLSA23 Campaign

Virginia BOP to Hold Workgroup Meeting

The Virginia Board of Pharmacy will hold a HB2147 Workgroup Meeting on September 28, 2023 to discuss translation services in pharmacies.  

HB 2147 directed the Board to evaluate challenges and barriers to requiring or providing translated directions for the use of prescriptions, including the possibility of model directions and necessary changes within pharmacies to ensure patients are aware of the language services available at the pharmacy

During HWI Subcommittee hearing, Delegate Guzman, sponsor of the bill explained the intent of the bill: "We want to ensure the residents of Virginia that speak a different language can have their prescription labels translated into a different language." 

Guzman said she has been working closely with the pharmacy industry and Board of Pharmacy in crafting the bill.  "As we see medicines that could have an impact that hurt peoples' lives, we want to make sure individuals understand the type of prescriptions that they have in the language they prefer" but they want to make sure smaller pharmacies are not negatively impacted.

The workgroup will explore all these issues and report back to the legislature with their findings.

Meeting Notice Posted:  https://www.townhall.virginia.gov/L/ViewMeeting.cfm?MeetingID=37186