Health and Well Being Webinar on Patient Safety and Dual Language Prescription Labels


Pills, Plant, Stethascope and Chalk board saying Patient Safety Week Webinar. March 18, 11am Pacfic 
Health and Well Being Webinar on Patient Safety and Dual Language Prescription Labels during Patient Safety Week
March 18, 2021 11am PT/2pm CT

During Patient Safety Week En-Vision America will host a conversation about medical error prevention and effective communication at the pharmacy counter. Presenters include:
  • Kristen Beiers-Jones, RN, MN from the Oregon Health Science University School of Nursing is leading a movement to improve patient safety for those with limited English proficiency through dual-language medication labeling legislation which went into effect in Oregon in 2021. 
  • Kate Ballard, BSN, RN is a pediatric acute care nurse and part of the SB698 Core Team which continues to help others who are interested in pursuing legislation for dual-language prescription labels. If you are working on legislation or wish you could get a law of some sort passed in your state, you really need to hear their story!   
  • Ariana Longley, COO of the Patient Safety Movement, has a Masters in Public Health and shares the organizations ambitious goal of zero preventable deaths. Learn how to work with your health care providers in order to minimize risks, improve communication and help reach the zero goal. 
  • Sharla Glass from En-Vision America will give an update on accessible prescription labeling legislation around the country and some easy practical ways you can get involved at the grassroots level! Register today!  Registration gives you access to the webinar the day of the event and the recorded version and resources afterward. 
 Register for the webinar at: Best Practices for Accessible Prescription Labeling

Medication safety and independence for individuals who are visually impaired should not be a privilege, according to

The blog’s author outlines several effective ways accessible prescription labeling needs can be met by pharmacists. Consider sharing this article with your pharmacist or with friends who may have a need for accessible prescription labeling.

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