Puerto Rico PS 287 Signed by Governor Pedro Pierluisi

Pedro Pierluisi, ¿quiĆ©n es el gobernador de la isla de Puerto Rico? 

Puerto Rico PS 287 Signed by Gov. Pierluisi

TelemundoPR.com reports Gov. Pedro Pierluisi signed PS 287 into law.   https://www.telemundopr.com/noticias/puerto-rico/gobernador-veta-cinco-medidas-y-firma-otras-piezas-legislativas/2439734/  The Health Department now has 180 days to create and approve the regulations for implementation.

Here's what the law says:

  • Any pharmacy that dispenses retail medications must have the talking label service for all medication dispensed to the patient and that has been prescribed by a licensed physician.   
  • The blind or visually impaired person who goes to a pharmacy to seek the dispensing of prescription drugs must request the talking label service in writing or a form provided by the pharmacy. 
  • Once requested by the patient, the pharmacy will have a term of thirty (30) days, counted from the date of the request, to obtain the pertinent equipment and extend the service.  
  • A "speaking label" is an electronically labeled and programmed sticker by pharmacies, which adheres to medical-pharmaceutical containers. The programming in these stickers translates into voice, medical indications for consumption, through an electronic device. 
  • Any pharmacy established in Puerto Rico that fails to comply with its duty to provide the talking tag service, can be fined up to five hundred dollars. ($500.00) for each violation. 
  • Pharmacies can select, contract or develop the existing product or technology provided that the letter and spirit of this Law are not frustrated. 
  •  The Department of Health will approve regulations for the proper implementation of this Law.
  • The regulations must be approved within one hundred eighty (180) days following the approval of this Law, 
  • Once the Regulation is approved, the Department of Health will have a term of thirty (30) days to publicize it, so that citizens and pharmacies know its details.