Florida Board of Pharmacy Adds Procedure Manual Requirement for Fully Informing Visually Impaired Patients

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UPDATE:  The 64B16—28.108 rule revision went into effect on July 18, 2023.
On April 13, 2023 the Florida Board of Pharmacy voted unanimously to revise code 64B16—28.108 regarding Labels and Labeling of Medicinal Drugs to require pharmacies to include how they will accommodate blind and visually impaired patients as part of their policy and procedures manual. 
The additional language was drafted by the Board's Counsel in response to a request by the National Federation of the Blind of Florida to consider rulemaking to require accessible prescription labels.
The board determined that to really create specific requirements, they need a legislative change.  If they attempted to create rules exacting specific requirements the financial report phase would probably take longer than if legislation was passed.  Still, they expressed an understanding of the need for pharmacies to accommodate their blind and visually impaired patients and added the clause to remind pharmacies to have a policy in place:  

64B16—28.108 All Permits – Labels and Labeling of Medicinal Drugs.
Each container of medicinal drugs dispensed shall have a label or shall be accompanied by labeling. Every pharmacy that dispenses a medicinal drug to a patient or agent of the patient shall ensure that the
pharmacy’s policy and procedures manual covers dispensing to the blind or visually impaired. The manual must make certain to address that those with visual  impairments are fully informed of all the information required to be part of the label or labeling
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