Aloha to Accessible Prescriptions in Hawaii

May 2, 2023 the Hawaii House and Senate both passed legislation requiring pharmacies to provide patients who are blind, visually impaired or print impaired with accessible prescription labels.  The law is now headed to the governor who is expected to sign it

The final version of the bill requires pharmacies to: provide an electronic label affixed to the prescription bottle and/or a prescription drug reader.

Pharmacies must also make sustained, periodic and reasonable efforts to inform the public that accessible label formats are available. 

The Board of Pharmacy will have the ability to grant exemptions to the law for sole proprietorship pharmacies with no more than two pharmacists who can demonstrate it would be a financial burden. The Board can also deny, revoke, or suspend a pharmacy license or impose a fine of up to $1000 per violation for failure to comply.

The law goes into effect July 1, 2023 and the Board of Pharmacy has until December 31, 2024 to finalize the rules and regulations for full implementation and enforcement. 

To see full text of the law: